7 Ideas To Bring Theater Closer To Children

Next March 27th, World Theater Day is celebrated. A date that in 2021 has an even more special meaning, since the rooms have been reinvented to bring culture closer to society.

Theater classes for children

When analyzing the offer of extracurricular classes for children, it is possible to observe different themes, including theater. In the classroom context, students acquire practical training from a playful perspective. They exercise their communication skills , connect with their emotions and improve their body expression.

Books about theater

Through books it is possible to reach any area of ​​reality. The theater is directly linked to literature. Many representations have their origin in the inspiration of a novel or a published text. But the theater as a central theme also takes center stage in plays aimed at children.

Marionettes and puppets

The theater is directly linked to the art of performance. From the stalls, the audience sees the stage. Well, children can also enter the world of theatrical performance through educational games. Puppets and puppets are the protagonists of this story.

Musical theater for children

The theater is not only nourished by the art of the word, but also integrates the beauty of music. This genre is especially liked by children. The songs, the rhythm, the choreography and the dance take on great relevance in this context.

Do theater as a family

There are experiences that children especially like. Dressing up is a fun game since, through this experience, the protagonist puts himself in the shoes of a different character. For this reason, planning a simple theater play as a family is an educational leisure proposal.

There are different ways to carry out a theatrical performance. For example, it is possible to use dolls to recreate a story.

Role plays

In a play, each person plays a role. Bring to life a character who has his own voice in the story. But the essence of the theater is also present in the games. This is the case with the example we mentioned in this section. Through this proposal, the child imitates what he observes in his environment.

Dramatized reading

Libraries and cultural centers organize storytelling for children . The theatrical reading feeds the imagination of the little ones through the evocative power of a story that is perfectly narrated.

Finally, remember that through your example, you can convey to your child your interest in theater and in those issues that are important to you.